Mini Coach
Mini Coach is an app for managing a mini or mod rugby league team. It can also be used for other team sports such as Rugby, Soccer etc. Mini Coach was designed and written by a mini rugby league coach and has everything a mini or mod coach needs to manage a team.

As a mini or mod rugby league coach some of the challenges are keeping track of who you sit out for each game period and how many runs each player has. With this app you can see at a glance who the reserves are for each game period , simple drag and drop interface lets you assign reserves for each period. With the player tracking you can enter player stats live then review the game stats to see the performance of each player.

Keep track of other things too, such as: Player awards, who brings the oranges, reserves history and games played history, also team stats for the season.

Setup a new game and TXT details of the upcoming game to all players at the tap of a button. Manage multiple teams easily switching between them by setting one as your current team. When a new season begins you can create a new team and carry over existing players. A great app for a great Coach!


- Manage Multiple teams
- Add team logo
- Review team stats for the season
- Send upcoming game details to all players
- Add players from previous season
- Record & review practice attendance

- Add new players with details including photo , parent names, etc.
- Track player attendance to both Games and Practices
- See player stats for each game and overall stats for season
- Live player tracking to record runs, line breaks, tackles, tries etc.
- Assign reserves and see history of which periods each player sat out
- See player awards history for Player of the Day, Best Tackler and Fair Play (Most Improved)

- Add a new game with results, opponent team, field location etc.
- Assign reserves for each game period (includes 3 periods for MINI or 2 periods for MOD)
- Assign who brings the oranges
- Record player tracking and see game stats
- TXT all players details of upcoming game
- See history of games played and which period each player was in

- Review game info, reserves history, oranges history, player awards and practice attendance

- Remove team grades or add your own
- Change number of reserves (default is 7)
- Change number of periods for a game (3 for MINI or 2 for MOD)

TIPS for using the app:

How to use an image with a transparent background for a logo:
You can add an image with a transparent background by using Safari and going to a web site that has the image then by pressing and holding on the image you will have the option to save the image. Then from inside the app you can select it. (The image will then be saved inside the app and you can remove it from your photo album). (Note this only works for png or gif type images)

How to use the Roster:
Drag and drop the players on to a reserve spot. Drag a player to the not available slot if they are injured or did not make it to the game. Use the reset button to reset the players and start again. (You can see the history of reserves in the information section)

How to sort when looking at Stats or Information
Tap any of the column headers to sort by that column

How to delete a team, player or opponent etc..
You can swipe to the left to bring up a delete option.

How to change the opponent details or logo:
Delete the opponent and create a new one with the image or details you want. Then select this for the game opponent.

For support please email